News and important updates

Hiring Ph.D. Students

Multiple Fully Funded Ph.D. Positions at the Next Generation Networking Lab Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, TN, USA We are looking for motivated students to work on several next-generation networking topics. The students will study, design, build, and deploy next-generation network infrastructure and protocols for various use cases such as Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality(AR/VR), Domain Science applications with Big Data (e.g., Climate Science, Genomics, Physics), Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), 5G mobile networks, and more.

High Performance Error Free File Transfer

Prof. Shannigrahi in collaboration with Colorado State University has been awarded a National Science Foundation Grant to investigate errors that happen in the Internet. This measurement and error detection/correction study will not only improve our understanding of Internet errors but also improve large data transfers over the Internet. Link

Tennessee Tech Science DMZ

Prof. Shannigrahi and Prof. Rogers has received a $263K grant from National Science Foundation to create a Science DMZ at Tennessee Tech. Created in collaboration with IT services, this project will enhance movement of large datasets to and from the campus. It will also bring IPV6 deployment to the campus. Link