Tennessee Tech Science DMZ

Prof. Shannigrahi and Prof. Rogers has received a $263K grant from National Science Foundation to create a Science DMZ at Tennessee Tech. Created in collaboration with IT services, this project will enhance movement of large datasets to and from the campus. It will also bring IPV6 deployment to the campus. Link

When completed, this project will facilitate national and international research collaborations at Tennessee Technological University by establishing a dedicated 10 Gbps connection to Internet2 and creating a high-speed Science DMZ. The new cyberinfrastructure will benefits a large number of researchers across multiple colleges and research centers. It will enable data-driven research in areas including next-generation Networking, Cybersecurity, High-performance Computing, Chemical Engineering, Biology, High-energy Physics, Earth Sciences, and Civil & Environmental Engineering. The upgraded connectivity enables researchers to share data both internally and externally in a fast, secure, and reliable manner over the dedicated research-only connection. The Science DMZ equips researchers with use-case specific segmented resources (network, disk space, and compute nodes) as well as increased autonomy and flexibility to deploy isolated research prototypes. High-speed data transfer nodes (DTNs) will provide faster data delivery to and from the campus. The network design provides dedicated connectivity for research traffic to most buildings. Several PerfSonar nodes deployed at strategic network locations report real-time network and application performance, allowing the operators to optimize network flows. Finally, this new infrastructure brings IPv6 deployment to the campus.